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      The Office of Facilities Services is located in Barnard Hall Rm 105M

      Response Time

      The estimated response time for your Non-Emergency request is (2) days (48 Hours)

      Hours of Operation

      Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4pm
      Call Facilities at 212-854-2041 (4-2041 from a campus phone)
      or email

      At all other times:
      Call the CARES Line at 212-854-3362 (4-3362 from a campus phone)
      CARES staff will in turn assist with questions about submitting a work order, and where necessary, can contact the facilities supervisor on duty to address time sensitive needs.

      Emergency Procedures

      The Office of Facilities Services considers any event that endangers the life, health, or safety of a person or possible damage to college property as an emergency condition. These conditions may include flood, fire, water pipe breakage, steam leak, electrical short or exposed wiring, rodent infestation, excessive trash accumulations, darkened stairwells, etc.

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